When the Cloud Helps Heat the House

Based on the idea of using waste heat from servers for heating, Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH has developed concepts for energy-efficient data centers and secure cloud solutions.

Data center of Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH (Source: Cloud&Heat)

The company is an integrated IT infrastructure provider. The use of sophisticated hot water direct cooling makes it possible to use the waste heat from data centers to heat buildings or to feed it into district or local heating networks. This technology saves on cooling and heating costs, which greatly reduces the carbon footprint of data processing. Among other things, Cloud&Heat designed the world's first water-cooled mobile data center in a shipping container. Another showcase project is a data center for public cloud services, which the company has been operating on two floors in Frankfurt's Eurotheum high-rise building since 2018. The waste heat from the servers heats the offices and a hotel located in the building.

In addition to innovative hardware solutions, Cloud&Heat is developing an intelligent software solution for the energy-efficient distribution of computing jobs in distributed cloud infrastructures. End-to-end encryption, comprehensive key management and strict separation of clients guarantee security and transparency in the cloud. By taking over the entire cloud lifecycle management, Cloud&Heat drastically reduces costs and complexity for customers.

The company was founded in 2011 from a research project at TU Dresden, initially under the name "AoTerra", and was renamed Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH in 2014. It employs more than 100 people, operates data centers at more than 24 locations and offers a wide range of services.

Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH, Dresden