Support in the Search for Business Partners / Suppliers

Together with our partners in the target markets, we design projects for Saxony's companies on industry and / or technology topics as well as for the acquisition of European suppliers.

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Due to geopolitical crises and conflicts with interrupted supply chains as well as material and production bottlenecks, many Saxon companies have put their procurement and production strategies to the test. In order to minimize risks and dependencies in this area and achieve greater stability in the supply chains of companies, Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH (WFS) offers projects to strengthen European supply relationships and diversify the portfolio of suppliers.

Experience has shown that the search for new suppliers is time-consuming and expensive for companies. This is where our projects come in: With an eye on trends such as nearshoring, sustainability, energy price and inflation trends, we sound out opportunities in various European markets, work with local partners and their networks to search for suppliers and provide support in selecting potential business partners in line with companies' expectations. You benefit from our international network and a comprehensive information service while saving time and money at the same time.

What we do for you:

  • Identify opportunities in various European markets with a view to trends such as nearshoring, sustainability, energy price and inflation trends
  • Search for suppliers together with local partners and their networks
  • Creation of specific supplier profiles
  • Supporting Saxon companies in the selection of potential business partners according to their expectations
  • Organization of exploratory talks - online or as part of a market visit

Your contact person

Bozzalla Baramino, Giulio

Bozzalla Baramino, Giulio

Giulio Bozzalla Baramino

Außenwirtschaft & Messen

+49-351-2138 170

+49-351-2138 170