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The objectives pursued by the life sciences networks in Saxony include the initiation of projects linking business and research, the procurement of services and knowledge as well as the use of synergies for the continued further development of the branch and showcasing regional competences.

biosaxony network

The biosaxony network represents companies, scientific institutions, and other stakeholders from the life science branch in Saxony. The network pursues the objective of initiating projects among entrepreneurs and scientists, providing services and expertise, harnessing synergies for the continued development of the branch as well as showcasing the regional competences. A specific focus is on supporting the SMEs of the branch; in particular, by coordinating applications for subsidies, organizing workshops and symposiums, providing consultation, and conducting studies.

In early 2016, biosaxony introduced the new Life Sciences Atlas Saxony. By bringing all stakeholders of Saxony’s life sciences industry together on an internet platform, the international image and influence of the branch is to be strengthened and the competences and resources of the stakeholders are to be presented in a transparent manner.

To improve support for Saxony’s medical technology sector, the biosaxony network has teamed up with representatives from industry and research to establish a special "Section Medical Technology" in July 2016.

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HEALTHY SAXONY e. V. association

The HEALTHY SAXONY e. V. association is the central communication platform designed to promote the cooperation and the exchange of experiences among the stakeholders of Saxony’s health care industry. The initiative, thus, paves the way for cooperation between Saxony’s companies and health care and research institutions as well as general and continued educational facilities. It also establishes contacts in Germany and abroad.


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