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ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH, Leipzig

The start-up ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH from Leipzig democratizes access to biomass briquetting. As a start-up we developed our idea over the last 6 years, from a garage in 2015 to a research transfer project supported by the German and Saxon governments started in 2018 at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. During this time we could prove the industrial applicability of the developed technology. In January 2019, the spin-off of ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH took place, which today is located in Leipzig.


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Contact:   Thomas Müller, Commercial Manager

Source: ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH, Leipzig

Briquetting of Biomasses

ATNA presses are ideal for briquetting biomass. They can process (waste) wood, bagasse, rice straw or fermentation products. These bio-briquettes can be used as raw materials for gasification and pyrolysis or as energy sources to fuel industrial ovens or domestic heating systems. This allows companies not only to save costs and build up new business areas, but also to do their part for a climate-neutral future.


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Logo memoresa GmbH, Leipzig

memoresa GmbH, Leipzig

memoresa is a start-up founded in 2019 for digital order and digital heritage based in Leipzig. The international team consists of the two founders and managing directors Steffen Stundzig and Jörg Schädlich and their more than 20 employees. memoresa is the digital systematic folder, the simple estate planner and the secure emergency kit for users of all ages. 





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Contact:   Steffen Stundzig, CEO

Source: memoresa GmbH, Leipzig

Your Secure Portal for the Digital Order of Your Life.

memoresa is your online platform and mobile app for simple estate planning, secure emergency provisions and digital order with a system. We will guide you through the process step by step.

Managing all these things digitally offers you numerous advantages:

  1. Only ONE place for ALL your documents
  2. Quickly find what you need thanks to a clever filing system
  3. Always with you on the go
  4. Share documents with others over any distance
  5. Thought of everything? Don’t worry, we think for you!


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Logo Payactive GmbH, Dresden

Payactive GmbH, Dresden

We transform payment transactions to sustainable – for a regenerative future.

As a startup from the fintech sector, payactive helps to digitize and integrate more intelligent payment processes. payactives payment platform brings together four smart and sustainable financial services in one strong concept. Founded by the brothers Mathias and Manuel Born, payactive represents a new generation of startups: namely one that prefers a long-term, sustainable company to a quick exit. 

Payactive implements smart payment transactions for companies that act efficiently and sustainably - companies that want to get more out of themselves and their customers. Payactive focuses on the simplest and safest payment methods, direct debit and transfer. Here the company creates positive payment journeys that work smoothly and enable new, innovative opportunities for value creation. 


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Contact:   Xaver Zeller, CSO


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Logo Scoolio GmbH, Dresden

Scoolio GmbH, Dresden

Making pupils successful.

Scoolio solves two central challenges: advancing the digitization of everyday school life and counteracting the shortage of skilled workers. Scoolio is already used by over 1.8 million pupils and serves as a helpful tool for young people of Generation Z. It’s replacing the classic homework book in as a digital version. In addition to organization, tutoring and social community, companies have the opportunity to present themselves with advertising campaigns. These are intelligently integrated into the user flow and to draw attention to the training and study offers of the company. Like that scoolio builds the bridge between school and professional future.


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Contact:   Danny Roller, CEO and Founder


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Logo Clear App (whisp Internet GmbH, Dresden)

whisp Internet GmbH, Dresden

Fasting made easy for a healthy & mindful life.

Lose weight healthily and easily with intermittent fasting and CLEAR, the app by whisp Internet GmbH Dresden. It is more than a simple fasting timer.

Keep track of your achievements on the way to your goal weight. Learn interesting knowledge about intermittent fasting and its positive effects on body and mind in the library. The convenient fasting tracker helps you to stick to your fasting and eating times. So you can see at a glance how long you have been on the road to success.


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Contact:  Wadim Suslow, CEO and Founder


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