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Since the competitive conditions have changed, cooperations in automotive networks have become a key factor for the participating stakeholders to maintain their leading position when it comes to innovative capability, quickness, flexibility, and cost reduction. In Saxony, such alliances are working together at different levels in order to meet these objectives even better now and in the future.

Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ)

The Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ) has been promoting the development of „Autoland Saxony“ since 1999. AMZ has made a vital contribution towards the fact that the primarily small and medium sized automotive suppliers in Saxony superbly master all elements of supplier management and that they have successfully established themselves in the global automobile value creation chains. For today’s challenges – innovation development, growth financing, globalization, shortage of skilled professionals –, AMZ has developed a number of new programs. Energy-efficient drive and propulsion systems, lightweight construction, generative components production, and „Smart Factory“ are the main topics from which AMZ generates pioneering projects in cooperation with Saxony’s engineering service providers and research institutions. With increased activities in the BRIC and ASEAN countries, for example, with a competence network in China, AMZ supports the market entry and development activities of Saxony’s small and medium sized enterprises.

Logo Netzwerk Automobilzulieferer Sachsen (AMZ)

Source: Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ)

Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH

As a competence center for electromobility and intelligent transport systems, the Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH coordinates the projects of the „Model Region Electric Mobility Saxony“ and accompanies the implementation of Saxony’s projects within the scope of the „Showcase Bavaria-Saxony ELECTRIC MOBILITy CONNECTS“ initiative. The approximately 40 projects, which have a total volume of about 130 million euros and include more than 100 partners, are aligned at the interface of electric vehicles, energy systems, and traffic concepts. Already today, the results are quite impressive: More than 50 mass-produced hybrid buses are commuting on regular bus lines in Saxony’s public transportation system. With more than 155 electric charging stations in the Dresden and Leipzig regions, it was already possible to expand the network so that it meets the current demand; and the network will be expanded further to keep pace with the increasing number of vehicles in the future. 

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„Showcase Bavaria-Saxony ELECTRIC MOBILITy CONNECTS“

Within the scope of the “Electric Mobility Showcase” program, the Federal Government has been subsidizing the research and development of alternative drive and propulsion systems in four German showcase regions since 2012. One of which is the „Showcase Bavaria-Saxony ELECTRIC MOBILITy CONNECTS“ project. The core of this showcase project is based on the fundamental assumption that e mobility is much more than just an alternative drive and propulsion technology. In fact, the participating stakeholders see e mobility as a comprehensive system consisting of innovative vehicle technologies, viable transportation and mobility concepts as well as sustainable energy schemes. General and continued education and training are the glue that binds the different topics to one another. That’s why such future-oriented technologies as batteries, power electronics, renewable energy production, or intelligent network management are the essential elements of the entire synergetic system. In the Bavaria-Saxony showcase project, around 40 projects with a total volume of approx. 130 million euros and more than 100 partners joined forces under the guiding principle “ELECTROMOBILITY CONNECTS.” The projects are aligned to the interface of electric vehicles, energy systems, and transportation concepts.

Logo "Schaufenster Bayern-Sachsen ELEKTROMOBILITÄT VERBINDET"

Source: Bayern Innovativ, Bayerische Gesellschaft für Innovation und Wissenstransfer mbH

Showcase Region Electric Mobility Saxony

The Showcase Region Electric Mobility Saxony has been one of eight showcase regions in Germany since 2009. The Federal Government provides financial support for comprehensive demonstration projects revolving around e mobility in Germany.

The following key topics undergo practical testing in the Showcase Region Electric Mobility Saxony: Fleet applications and the establishment of a strategic charging infrastructure; the development of energy storage systems; and electric mass transit.

When it comes to public transportation, Saxony uses one of the largest hybrid bus fleets in all of Germany. So far, the Showcase Region has met the demand for establishing the requisite charging infrastructure in public and semi-public places. Granting non-discriminatory access and billing the charging processes are the key elements of this project. With the construction of a test center for energy storage systems, research has been conducted on cost-optimized manufacturing processes for battery systems since 2011.

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Source: Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH

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