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The software branch is a major driving force of economic development in Saxony. Software is one of those technologies which are indispensable for the key fields of innovation. For example, Saxony’s companies and research facilities play a decisive role when it comes to the global topics of the future – including, above all, cyber-physical systems as the basis for Industry 4.0 / Smart Factories, energy efficient production as well as future mobility.

Saxony's Software Sector at a Glance

About 1,450 software enterprises in the Federal State employ more than 23,000 people. Saxony’s companies and research facilities play a decisive role when it comes to the global topics of the future – including, above all, cyber-physical systems as the basis for Industry 4.0 / Smart Factories, energy efficient production as well as future mobility.

In Saxony, software technologies focus on such topics of the future as, for example, software for embedded systems, big data / smart data, IT safety as well as business and branch software. 

Primarily manufacturers and users of electronic components, but also numerous other branches such as machine and plant construction, the automobile, printing, and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology as well as other service providers all benefit from these multifaceted competences.

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Source: Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS)


The AIS Automation Dresden GmbH is a system and software house for control and automation technology. Its over 135 employees develop, produce and integrate solutions for intelligent and automatic production lines. The company’s portfolio ranges from system control through to complete solutions for the „Smart Factory“. Mobile applications, which enable a flexible monitoring and regulation of the systems, are also used in these processes. Its products are used in the photovoltaic, semiconductor, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Dresden's Traffic Management System VAMOS

Well on its way to become a smart city, Saxony’s state capital Dresden aptly demonstrates how traffic flows can be controlled intelligently. The Traffic Management System VAMOS was developed in cooperation with Dresden University of Technology. The system integrates the more than 1,000 traffic detectors available in the region as well as the diverse traffic control and traffic management systems of the city’s road network and the adjacent federal expressways. With the help of these detection points, the system identifies the current traffic situation, calculates variants of the optimal traffic flow, and controls Dresden’s traffic fully automatically. The traffic data center, which is located at Dresden University of Technology, is the hub of the system.


The CareSocial GmbH in Dresden develops and sells software solutions for outpatient nursing services, intensive care and daycare services. In this regard, the scope of the service can be flexibly adjusted by the use of various modules. Alongside the management of master data and the planning of personnel deployment, users can document home visits by mobile data collection per smartphone and view all important patient information at a glance.

Silicon Saxony (regd.assn)’s work group “Software Saxony”

29 commercial enterprises as well as ten professorships from the Dresden University of Technology cooperate closely with one another in Silicon Saxony (regd.assn)’s work group “Software Saxony” to identify and continue the development of competitive, pioneering fields of the future for the software industry in an effective manner.

Safeguarding and Assuring the Next Generation

The next generation of specialists for the software industryis also being catered to in Saxony: Every year, about 6,800 students are educated in computer science programs at 5 universities, 8 universities of applied sciences, and 4 universities of cooperative education in Saxony. Their prospects for the future are very promising: Saxony’s software branch is developing rapidly while focusing on highly qualified, skilled employees who promote and advance the fields of innovation.

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Dr. Michael Süß

Vice President Engineering, Webfleet Solutions

»The Leipzig site, which emerged from the acquisition of the datafactory AG corporation in 2005; later Tom Tom Telematics, is the technological center of Webfleet Solutions. The primary reason why we selected this location as our corporate site was the favorable environment for business setups in Leipzig.«

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Exemplary traffic management - "VAMOS" is directing city traffic in Dresden

Whenever Europe’s transportation experts want to inform themselves about systems for an efficient traffic flow in urban centers, »Smart City« Dresden is one of the prime addresses. In Saxony’s state capital, the VAMOS – Traffic Analysis, Management, and Optimization System ensures smooth traffic flows.

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