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Goodbye Programming, hello No-Code Robotics (Source: Wandelbots GmbH, Dresden)

Saxony Excels as a Center for Robotics

Due to the interplay of its extensive microelectronics, machine construction, and software competences, Saxony has also considerable expertise in robotics. This is not only assured by university spin-offs and robotics start-ups, but also by well-established automation companies. Such technology enterprises as Wandelbots, XENON, Fabmatics, or such R&D institutes as the Fraunhofer IWU or the CETI at TU Dresden are developing widely acclaimed innovations. Several thousand people in numerous companies and institutes in Saxony are already working on robotics projects which generate millions in sales with robot software, robot-based automation technology, and the like. Chemnitz, the heart of Saxony’s machine construction, contributes its production technology expertise and is a center of excellence for so-called “smart systems.” Dresden as the core of “Silicon Saxony” offers unique opportunities for the production of software as well as high-reliability chips for innovative robots.

And the players in “Autoland saxony” - one of the top 5 automotive locations in Germany with state-of-the-art plants from VW, BMW and Porsche - are demanding customers who drive the development of individualized, highly efficient robotics solutions.



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The next logical step, after Saxony has successfully honed its profile as a microelectronics venue of international repute and renown, is to expand the location into a European robotics hub. To achieve this objective, private and governmental stakeholders have joined forces: The startup incubator HighTech Startbahn, the robotics startup Wandelbots, the Dresden Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HWK Dresden) as well as the economic development agencies of the City of Dresden and the State of Saxony. Towards this end, the newly founded Robot Valley Saxony UG corporation is to act and function as a network coordinator, advisor, and organizer.


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Welcome to Dresden – tomorrow’s home for business, science and quality of life. A place where innovative ideas grow into successful projects and products of the future. First-class research and development are closely intertwined here – and benefit from the outstanding factors that make the dynamic state capital the city it is.  At the high-tech location of Dresden, renowned scientists and globally active companies are pushing the development of the new robot generation at full speed.


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Quite a few trade and craft enterprises in the State of Saxony have already integrated robots into their daily work. Other businesses have shown a keen interest in this topic as well. In order to represent the interests of these craftspeople, the Dresden Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HWK Dresden) provides them with the opportunity of testing the new technologies for themselves in the Competence Center “Robotics in Trades and Crafts.” The HWK Dresden, thus, wants to promote and support the exchange of ideas, information, and concepts.


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