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The Competence Atlas “Energy Innovations from Saxony” published by the Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS) and the Competence Center for Energy Research in Saxony (located at the Saxony Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH) is now available in its fifht edition – also online as an e paper. The compilation of about 270 profiles provides a comprehensive overview of Saxonny’s production, research, and development activities in the energy technology sector.

Numerous stakeholders of Saxony’s energy research community and energy industry are active along the entire value creation chain on behalf of a successful energy turnaround: They are developing distributed generation systems for power and heat; they are working on innovative, intelligent forms of energy utilization; and they are using their knowledge and expertise to introduce sustainable transportation and drive systems to the market. The energy-saving development and use of products even beyond their entire life cycle ranging from design to recycling plays as much a role in this as does the consistent, energy-efficient design of industrial processes, building structures, and infrastructures. Towards this end, digitalization and simulation solutions prove to be effective tools for a resource-saving, reliable, safe, and secure energy supply for the economy and society.

In addition to the supply of power from renewable sources, research and industry are working on climate-neutral mobility and heat sources. With the help of innovative battery storage technologies, power-to-x technologies, and other solutions, they are creating useful cross-sectoral interfaces for these three major areas of the energy system.

Another key role is played by hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

You can browse the catalog (German / English) via the following link or download it – please see the download box below.


Competence Atlas Energy Innovations (ePaper)

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