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With approx. 12,200 employees in about 700 companies, environmental and energy technology also is an important economic factor in Saxony. Thanks to Saxony’s long tradition as a mining region, the companies and research facilities located here possess superb expert knowledge, for example, in the rehabilitation of post mining damages, the disposal of hazardous waste, and the renovation of sewage systems. When it comes to renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency, and energy storage, Saxony is considered to be one of Germany’s top locations.

Auszubildender der Sächsische Bildungsgesellschaft für Umweltschutz und Chemieberufe Dresden mbH (SBG) bei der Stadtentwässerung Dresden

Source: Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH

At a Glance - Environmental and Energy Technology in Saxony

The environment and energy are the key issues of tomorrow’s world. The demand for intelligent solutions and innovative technologies in the sectors environmental technology, renewable energy, and energy efficiency is continuously increasing. In Saxony, the environmental and energy technology branch is an important economic factor. 

Saxony’s enterprises assume a leading position primarily in such key markets as, for example, renewable energy, energy storage as well as recycling management. The branch benefits from Saxony’s long tradition as an industrial venue particularly for machine and plant construction. Saxony’s mountains had also been important mining centers for many centuries – during the Middle Ages, silver and other „precious“ raw materials were extracted; later, the focus was more on lignite and uranium. This is the foundation for the expert knowledge and competence found in Saxony’s commercial enterprises and research institutions today which is unrivaled throughout the world; specifically in cleaning up uranium and lignite mining residues, removing hazardous waste, or renovating wastewater systems. 

It is in particular Freiberg which has firmly ensconced itself as a leading European venue for the development of innovative technologies designed to boost resource and energy efficiency.

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