GREENTECH! - Sustainable Water Management

Global water consumption is growing faster than the population. That’s why a sustainable use of the limited water resources on earth is critically important. Saxony’s companies are developing new technologies particularly for the ecological purification of wastewater – both at a private and an industrial scale.

SBR-Ausrüstungssystem der wks group Dresden im Bereich der Abwasserreinigung

Source: wks group


The wks group, which is located in Dresden, provides the complete process, machine, and automation technology for the new construction, reconstruction as well as optimization of water management facilities. The company provides all services from one source and united under one roof, ranging from individual consulting to conceptual design and implementation all the way to services during the operation of such facilities and its own in-house workshop production. Customized, reliable solutions for the treatment of drinking water, rainwater as well as municipal and industrial wastewater including sludge recycling for the generation of renewable energy are the core and driving force of the corporate activities. 

Anlage zur aeroben biologischen Abwasserbehandlung, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH Dresden

Source: DAS Environmental Expert GmbH


The Dresden-based DAS Environmental Expert GmbH has been developing technologies and equipment for the disposal of process waste gases in the high tech industry since 1991. In a second business unit, the company develops process and system solutions for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. Whether it be the construction of a new plant or the optimization of an existing one – the portfolio of wastewater management services ranges from planning and construction to automation all the way to the operation and maintenance of plant technology and encompasses both biological and chemical-physical procedures. 

Faultürme, Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH

Source: Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH


The competences of the Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH in the field of wastewater treatment and disposal are also in great demand around the globe. For example, wastewater projects in Vietnam and the Ukraine have already benefitted from the extensive knowledge and expertise provided by the Dresden- based firm. In both countries, pilot projects were realized within the scope of the International Water Research Alliance Saxony (IWAS), a network project that includes the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ), Dresden University of Technology, and other partners, with the objective of improving the water quality and/or developing a sustainable wastewater management system. The company seeks to install an energy self-sufficient sewage system at its corporate site Dresden.


The BUSSE Innovative Systeme GmbH from Leipzig specializes in the development, construction, and distribution of decentralized wastewater treatment and water recovery systems. Its most popular product is the BUSSE-MF sewage treatment system – a fully biological, small-sized sewage system which treats and purifies domestic wastewater up to the quality of industrial water. In a current research project, the BUSSE IS GmbH is cooperating with the Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden in order to investigate how such organic trace substances as hormone and pharmaceutical residues can also be removed almost completely from municipal wastewater. Towards this end, the BUSSE procedure is to be expanded by a hybrid membrane system. 

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