Saxony's Bike Sector: Selected Companies


For more than 120 years now, Saxony has been one of the most important locations for the German bicycle industry – built on tradition and innovation, engineering ingenuity and precision craftsmanship. 

Diamant Fahrradwerke GmbH

Source: Diamant Fahrradwerke GmbH

Diamant: Excelling with Quality in the Bicycle Branch

They’ve written bicycle history with such inventions as the double-roller chain, with such racing legends as the "Diamant Bike 67", and with such timeless classics as the ladies’ bike “Topas.” Today, the Diamant Fahrradwerke GmbH, located in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz, is one of the largest and the oldest bicycle manufacturers in Germany. The company manufactures about 330,000 bicycles per year; approximately a third with electric motors. And Diamant is planning to significantly increase its daily production output even further in the near future. Products made by Diamant are renowned and reputed around the globe primarily because of their excellent manufacturing quality and their outstanding sporting values.

This standard has already been maintained for more than 125 years now: In 1885, the brothers Friedrich and Wilhelm Nevoigt founded their first joint company near Chemnitz which originally focused on warp-knitting machines. Ten years later, the Nevoigt brothers launched their first Diamant bicycle on the market which marked the beginning of a true success story "Made in Saxony". Over the next few decades, the company’s innovations played a decisive role in determining the standards of the branch. Bicycles bearing the famous Diamant trademark were often to be found among the winners of important bicycle races.

Since 2003, Diamant has been part of the family-operated bike manufacturer Trek Bicycle from the USA. Today, the Diamant Fahrradwerke GmbH corporation employs more than 600 people. The company develops bike frames and other components in-house, has them produced by partners, and then assembles them on its own premises.


Screenshot Online-Shop Bike24 (Engl.)


Dresden Online Bike Platform Helps Shape the Trend towards “Green Mobility”

Once founded as a small enterprise in a living room in Dresden, “Bike24” has evolved into one of Continental Europe’s leading online platforms for bicycles and other sporting goods within only a few years. Today, the company already has about 450 employees and achieved an annual turnover of about 200 million euros in 2020. 

Andrés Martin-Birner, Falk Herrmann, and Lars Witt founded Bike24 in 2002 in a tiny 15-square-meter apartment (i.e., 161 sq. ft.) in Dresden. Their original focus was on high quality products revolving around bikes, but they expanded their online portal by adding athletic goods for runners, swimmers, hikers, and other sports enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the portfolio encompasses more than 77,000 items – from carbon bikes and e-bikes to triathlon shoes all the way to Via Ferrata equipment and climbing harnesses.

This particularly wide and deep range of products has secured the company from Saxony a broad customer base in Germany, Austria, Spain, and many other countries. And thanks to modern storage systems into which Bike24 had invested ten million euros in 2017, the platform can meet the needs and requirements of its customers very quickly and flexibly. By going public in 2021, Bike24 has opened a new chapter in its company history. With the generated capital, the team wants to finance, for example, its expansion in Southern and Western Europe.


Black East GmbH, Dresden

Source: Black East GmbH, Dresden

High-End Bike Components Made of Carbon

The Dresden-based Black East GmbH develops and manufactures high-quality bicycle parts made of carbon which have gained legendary repute and renown in the bike community under the name "Beast Components". The parts stand for top quality, first-class workmanship, robustness, and durability. They are without a doubt unrivaled on the bicycle market. The components are manufactured directly at the corporate site Dresden which distinctly qualifies the products as being “Handmade in Germany” and which truly makes them a rarity in the branch. The portfolio encompasses handlebars, wheels, stems, seats and saddles, seat posts, and bottle holders for mountain bikes as well as gravel and road bikes. 

It is primarily their scientific expertise and profound experience in lightweight construction which make the 15-person team so successful. The founders met each other for the first time while studying at Dresden University of Technology’s Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK). After having completed their studies, they worked for many years as an independent development team at the Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen (LZS), the Saxon center for lightweight engineering in Dresden, on projects for renowned companies from the aerospace, automobile, and marine industries before they transferred their knowledge to the business sector.

This background explains why Beast Components enjoys such a great reputation in the bike community: Black East’s own in-house knowledge, combined with the expertise gained at the ILK, LZS, and in two affiliated enterprises, are guarantors for the company’s considerable in-house production depth, rapid prototype construction, and comprehensive understanding of materials and the associated engineering options which is more extensive than that of most competitors.


Light Wolf Studio, Dresden

Source: Light Wolf Studio, Dresden

One-of-a-Kind Wheel Design and Individual Bike Construction

Founded in 2009 as a small bike construction project for personal use in a shared student apartment, Light Wolf Studio located in Dresden’s Neustadt city district has evolved into one of the most renowned wheel building companies in Saxony today. The four-member team specializes in designing and handcrafting one-of-a-kind bicycle wheels and building individual, complete bikes according to customer specifications. Towards this end, Light Wolf Studio pursues the objective of individually customizing precisely that bicycle wheel for every customer that he or she needs – without any compromises. In particular, this can include, for example, ultralight wheels for mountain tours or extremely robust wheels for rough terrain and difficult routes.

In so doing, the perfectionists at Light Wolf Studio place great emphasis on quality and individuality through handcrafted precision. No completed bike resembles another. Every project begins with an elaborate “bike fitting” during which the right geometry is determined for the desired bike. This ensures that the final product suits its rider from an ergonomic, technical, and optical perspective. The actual construction is assumed by experienced mechanics. 


veloheld GmbH, Dresden

Source: veloheld GmbH, Dresden

Timeless Steel for Heroes on Two Wheels

Beautifully handcrafted touring, city, and sports bikes are the trademark of the Dresden-based veloheld GmbH. The company focuses on timeless and durable steel frames made of a chromium-molybdenum alloy which are assembled on-site according to the wishes of the customers.

At the beginning of this undertaking, there had been three industrial design students with an affection for a particularly environmentally friendly mode of traveling. They founded Veloheld in 2007. More than 1,000 bicycles leave the veloheld manufactory every year – truly no mass production. Towards this end, the eleven-person team based in northern Dresden concentrates on conceptual design, final assembly, and distribution. The frames are delivered by experienced enterprises from Taiwan and China respectively. But the company also plans to produce a number of its frames on its own premises in the future. The final powder coating of the frames is already carried out by a regional partner. The veloheld staff members consider this balance to be a part of their concept: Global supply chains where the quality standards require them, sustainable regional value creation where it makes sense and where it is possible.


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