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In Saxony, it is primarily the Network Logistics Leipzig-Halle e. V. which integrates the diverse stakeholders of the branch. Since early 2016, the network has been running a regional office in Dresden. The Silicon Saxony e. V. association also pools specific logistics expertise in various work groups – for example, on the topic RFID.

Network Logistics Central Germany e. V.

The Network Logistics Central Germany e. V. was established in September 2008 at the initiative of regional stakeholders with the objective of further enhancing the service spectrum and the efficiency of the Central German logistics region. Its approximately 120 members include logistics service providers, suppliers, and shipping agents of all dimensions and specializations, public authorities, chambers, and associations as well as research and educational facilities. The network supports its members in all matters pertaining to business development, the recruitment of junior staff as well as the education and promotion of skilled employees; and it permits small and medium sized companies to benefit from the innovations coming from logistics research. 

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Silicon Saxony e. V.

The ICT branch association Silicon Saxony e. V. unites specialist forums and work groups under its roof, for example, the Subcluster „RFID Saxony.“ Its member companies have been successfully working together on the development, production, and application of RFID products and systems solutions for many years now. RFID Saxony also seeks to advise users in applying RFID technologies and support them in introducing RFID systems. The Work Group „Cyber-physical Systems (CPS)“ is also part of the Silicon Saxony e. V. It was established in December 2012 with the objective of developing Saxony’s potentials which are available from innovative micro and nano electronics as well as software for the development of CPS applied in such innovative sectors as smart factory / industry 4.0 or smart city.

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