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Mit "TomTom WEBFLEET" ist die Online-Verwaltung der eigenen Flotte von jedem beliebigen PC möglich.

Source: TomTom Telematics


Founded in 2005, the Leipzig-based TomTom Telematics is a special division of the Dutch manufacturer of navigation systems TomTom International B.V. for the commercial vehicle fleet sector. Today, TomTom Telematics is one of the global market leaders and the fastest growing provider of telematics services in Europe. The company’s solutions, which can be integrated into any type of vehicle, support environmentally friendly driving and management reporting in the sectors professional navigation, improved driver behavior, prevention of traffic incidents and accidents, vehicle localization and tracking, order management, time management, driver safety, eco driving, and management reporting. 

Planungsvisualisierung einer Standort-Komplett-Logistik, LogistikPlan GmbH Chemnitz

Source: LogistikPlan GmbH


The Chemnitz-based LogistikPlan GmbH is active as a specialist for factory and logistics planning – in such branches as machine and vehicle construction, consumer goods as well as trade and logistics. As engineering planners and consultants, the company develops sustainable locational strategies and logistics concepts, plans modular production layouts and complete plant structures, and implements ultramodern material flow and storage systems. The product portfolio includes, for example, the consultancy program „My Factory of the Future,“ which was developed in cooperation with Dresden University of Technology and the RKW Sachsen GmbH corporation. With simple forecasting and scenario techniques, individual planning modules, and a monetary assessment model, the program fosters the proactive growth planning of companies. 


Factory and logistics planning as well as process management are among the core competences of the Chemnitz-based fabrik-ID GmbH. Whether it be capacity requirements planning or material flow planning – the team of specialists excels with innovative concepts as well as 3D visualizations of potential solutions and planning results. Its customer base includes primarily companies active in machine and automobile construction. The fabrik-ID specialists offer a comprehensive service package ranging from process analyses to the development of tailor-made logistics concepts all the way to assisting in the implementation of the requisite solutions.


The Dresden-based LOGSOL GmbH provides its customers around the globe with customized logistics consulting, planning, and solutions for the efficient organization of in-house and cross-company logistics processes along the entire value creation chain. Towards this end, LOGSOL also develops such intelligent software solutions as, for example,  "BinMan" for container management, "RampMan" for efficient time slot booking at ramps or "RoutMan" for internal transport planning.


„VIVA open“ is the name of an IT solution with which the Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH controls the processing of orders through vehicle production in real time. The software, which was presented with the elogistics Award in 2013, is a development of the Chemnitz-based IT service provider CARNET GmbH. Creating a simple and clear structure for complex specifications and requirements is one of the competences of the specialist for customized IT solutions. The company is particularly active in the sectors data-based process controls, production visualizations as well as management solutions for automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers.


The Dresden-based SMARTRAC Technology GmbH is a member of the SMARTRAC Group which is a global leader in the development and production of RFID technology. In addition to standard products, the company also manufactures transponders and inlays according to specific customer requirements. These products are used for a wide range of applications, for example, passports and ID cards, mobile payment systems, public transportation, or electronic product identification. The corporate site in Dresden possesses extensive experiences and competences in flip-chip production and high end wafer technology as well as antenna and inlay design.

Produkte der SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH: Mikrochips im Waferverbund und als fertiges Bauelement

Source: SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH


SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH develops and produces electronic components for all sectors of high frequency and radio transmission technology, sensor technology, and RF identification based on the Surface Acoustic Wave effect (SAW). Up to three million of these SAW chips leave the factory in Dresden every week. The experts have specialized in systems for such innovative fields of application as, for example, RFID and wireless sensors for industrial purposes. SAW sensors are energy self-sufficient and excel with their high resistance to high temperatures, rough and tumble movements, and electromagnetic fields.

Werksterminal in Leipzig, CargoBeamer AG

Source: CargoBeamer AG


With an innovative technology, the Leipzig-based CargoBeamer AG puts all types of semi- and mega-trailers on track without any specific modification of the vehicles. The CargoBeamer technology consists of specific railcars and terminals for the horizontal and fully automated transloading of semi-trailers. The transloading of railcars is also possible at container crane terminals so that existing intermodal terminal systems can be used immediately by all types of semi-trailers. CargoBeamer is establishing a European network of transshipment terminals. And CargoBeamer is also operating its own liner trains – for example, serving the Transalpine route through Switzerland with three round trips per week.  


The Cargopack Verpackungsgesellschaft für Industriegüter mbH is a subsidiary of the Kühne + Nagel Group and operates two corporate sites in Saxony – in Dresden and Chemnitz. With its professional packaging solutions for industrial goods, CargoPack is able to pack virtually any type of cargo in a safe and secure manner for shipment – from machine screws all the way to complete industrial plants

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