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Printing machines, container cranes, solar power systems, stage engineering, and escalators are only some of the applications for which the products made by the Coswig-based AUMA Drives GmbH provide the right movement and power transmission. The company has established itself as a special supplier of worm gear units and drive systems. AUMA Drives develops and produces individual drive solutions and customized products for its clients throughout the world. All safety-relevant parts are machined on precision machine tools in AUMA Drives’s own production department. Prior to their delivery, the products are tested on the in-house test bench in application-oriented simulations.


More than 1,000 customers in more than 40 countries are on the reference list of the Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH. The company has become a renowned manufacturer of roller bearings having outer diameters of up to 1,600 millimeters and of machine tool spindles. The products are used in machine tool and textile machine construction, rail technology, the automotive supply industry, in wind turbines as well as in many other branches. 


The Steinmeyer Mechatronik GmbH in Dresden has established itself on the global market as an engineering firm for high precision positioning solutions. In close cooperation with its customers, the corporate staff develops and produces, for example, ultra-precision linear and rotary tables, nano-positioning systems with innovative PiezoLeg drives, compact XY stages for scanning applications, innovative systems for extreme environmental conditions (this includes, for example, applications in strong magnetic fields and in ultra-high vacuums), innovative air-bearing systems as well as suitable controllers. Its customers include, for example, enterprises in the semiconductor, laser, and optical industries, the biotechnology and measurement instrument technology branches, the aviation industry as well as research institutes in more than 25 countries around the globe.


In its business area SITA Process Solutions, the Dresden-based SITA Messtechnik GmbH provides process measuring and control technology for monitoring and controlling the cleaning agent concentration, parts cleanliness, and bath contamination to ensure optimal quality and efficiency. SITA’s customers use the company’s application-oriented solutions to optimize their process management in industrial parts cleaning and manufacturing processes.

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