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In order to ensure that a sufficient pool of skilled employees for Saxony’s automobile industry exists also in the future, more than 3,500 students are currently enrolled in degree programs of the various disciplines of vehicle engineering at the three technical universities and five universities of applied sciences.

Zwickau University of Applied Sciences (WHZ)

„Vehicle and Mobility“ is the most comprehensive research profile of the Zwickau University of Applied Sciences (WHZ). Graduates from the Diplom programs of study in Automotive Technology, Automotive Electronics, Traffic System Engineering, and Automotive Assembly, from the bachelor’s programs in Electromobility and Automotive Informatics, and from the master’s programs in Automotive Engineering and Electromobility are not only in high demand among automotive enterprises in Saxony. 

Auszubildende bei der Demontage von Motorenblöcken, Volkswagen Bildungsinstitut GmbH, Standort Zwickau

Source: Volkswagen Bildungsinstitut GmbH


As a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH, the Volkswagen Bildungsinstitut GmbH educational institution with locations in Zwickau and Chemnitz has been providing vocational training, continued education, and human resource development services to the VW parent company, other corporate units as well as to suppliers and other companies in Saxony since 1990. The competence center conducts initial professional education and vocational training, offers branch-specific continued education programs, and assists companies in human resource development. Together with the Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, it provides cooperative studies for prospective engineers. It permits its graduates to get their skilled worker certification parallel to a university degree.

Dresden University of Technology

The Dresden University of Technology focuses its instruction and research in the automobile and integrated mobility sector at the Institute of Automotive Engineering Dresden (IAD) with its Chairs of Automobile Engineering, Combustion Engines, and of Vehicle Mechatronics.

Chemnitz University of Technology

Engineers for the automobile industry are trained and educated at Chemnitz University of Technology in the programs of study in Automobile Production & Technology; Electromobility; Intelligent Vehicles, Communications, and Sensing; Lightweight Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Production Systems as well as Sensors and Cognitive Psychology.

Fahrzeug-Technikum, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (HTW)

Source: Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW)

Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW)

With its programs of study in Automotive Engineering as well as Mechatronic Systems / Automotive Mechatronics, the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW) trains the next generation of engineers for the automobile industry. For research and instruction purposes, a state-of- the-art vehicle technology center, which unites all sectors of this special discipline under one roof, has been available to the researchers and students since 2014. 

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