Cross-sectoral Fields of Competence

Im Rahmen des Exzellenzclusters „cfaed“ wird auch an der Echtzeit-Interaktion von Robotern und Menschen geforscht. „Versuchsobjekt“ ist ein gestengesteuerter NAO-Roboter (im Bild), der zukünftig zum Beispiel im Haushalt helfen könnte.

Source: Dresden University of Technology / cfaed / 5G Lab Germany, photo: Matthias Hahndorf

Saxony's Innovative Power

A great plus for Saxony is its extraordinary innovative power. The region is a European "innovation leader" (source: EU’s "Regional Innovation Scoreboard").

Saxony’s researchers and entrepreneurs play a decisive role in developing intelligent solutions for everyday use in the future. Their focus is on intersectoral topics such as lightweight engineering, energy storage technologies, electromobility or organic & flexible electronics.

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Since 2013, the BMW Plant Leipzig has been building the BMW i3 as it's first mass-produced vehicle designed completely for electric mobility. The Panamera S E-Hybrid comes from the assemly lines in Porsche's Leipzig plant. A well-positioned supply industry developes an produces, for example, powertrain componens, batteries or power electronics.


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Saxony’s companies and research institutes provide the requisite competences for the entire value creation chain in lightweight construction, ranging from materials development to the engineering, calculation, and design of construction parts and components to processing technologies all the way to mass production including quality testing. 


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Whether it be cost-efficient printed batteries from Chemnitz, or the world’s most efficient organic semitransparent solar cells from Dresden which are used in architectural glass – Saxony’s researchers and entrepreneurs have taken the lead in developing “plastic” solutions for tomorrow’s lifestyle. Saxony is Europe’s largest cluster for organic and flexible electronics.


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We support Saxony.

Dr. Michael Süß

Vice President Engineering, Webfleet Solutions

»The Leipzig site, which emerged from the acquisition of the datafactory AG corporation in 2005; later Tom Tom Telematics, is the technological center of Webfleet Solutions. The primary reason why we selected this location as our corporate site was the favorable environment for business setups in Leipzig.«

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