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In Saxony, diverse networks of the environmental and energy technology branch are geared towards strengthening the competitiveness of the region’s companies through cooperation. This also includes the joint development of innovative solutions for sustainable environmental and energy technologies as well as their transfer into new products and services.

Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH

So that bright ideas reach the people – this could be the quickest way to answer the question: What is the purpose of the Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH Saxony pursues a sustainable and innovative energy policy which is implemented with the support and assistance of SAENA, an enterprise wholly owned by the Free State. The Saxon Energy Agency advises Saxony’s companies, municipalities, and citizens on renewable energies as well as the sustainable supply and rational, efficient use of energy. With pilot projects, special events, continued education programs, information material, campaigns, special promotional days, and expert symposiums, SAENA puts alternative energies and energy efficiency on the public agenda in Saxony

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Energy Saxony e. V.

Launched in 2014, Energy Saxony e. V. is an industry oriented network which pursues the objective of increasing the competitiveness and export strength of commercial enterprises active in the Saxon energy branch and further enhancing the efficiency of research conducted in the energy sector. The network is funded by a cluster support program of the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor, and Transport (SMWA). The network members are currently active in the four work groups Energy Efficient Production, Energy Solutions for Buildings and Smart Cities, Regulatory Parameters and Business Models, Resources and Recycling, Storage and Network Services, Heat and Cold. In an interdisciplinary approach spanning all work groups, ENERGY SAXONY wants to advance the development of innovative solutions for sustainable energy technologies and their transfer into new products and services while also further strengthening the production venue Saxony in order to systematically seize the opportunities which arise from the energy turnaround in Saxony. 

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Geocompetence Center Freiberg (GKZ)

One of Germany’s largest geotechnology branch networks is the Geocompetence Center Freiberg (GKZ) with more than 150 members from business, science, and public administration providing competences and expertise in all questions revolving around the raw materials industry. The GKZ service portfolio ranges from safeguarding raw materials to developing business locations, environmental engineering, geobiotechnology and geotechnology all the way to resource management. The network activities focus on the promotion of R&D projects, the support of general and continued education as well as the coordination of international contacts and projects. 

Innovation and Recycling Management Saxony (IKS e. V.), Freiberg

Headquartered in Freiberg, the Innovation and Recycling Management Saxony (IKS e. V.) association was founded in 2000 in order to develop practical, viable solutions for recycling management. Its members are active, for example, in the specialized areas waste and recycling management, engineering sciences, environmental protection, and economics. The IKS pursues the objective of turning waste management into resource management. This is to be achieved with projects revolving around waste prevention and waste recycling and the organization of material cycles in addition to transfer services at the interface between scientific research and practical application; particularly for small and medium sized enterprises. 

VEE Sachsen e. V. – Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energy

As a non-profit organization, the VEE Sachsen e. V. – Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energy advocates and promotes the interests of renewable energy in the Free State of Saxony. In so doing, the network represents the entire spectrum ranging from solar and bio energy to wind and water power all the way to geothermal energy. VEE Sachsen promotes the exchange of experiences, provides consultation and information for municipalities, supports the general and continued education and training programs offered by Saxon educational institutions, and conducts networking activities at all levels. 

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Source: BDZ e. V.

Training and Demonstration Center for Decentralized Sewage Treatment – BDZ e. V., Leipzig

Leipzig’s Training and Demonstration Center for Decentralized Sewage Treatment – BDZ e. V. is a national and international network for decentralized and semi-centralized wastewater technology. It also includes a demonstration center for wastewater treatment technologies, the education and training of skilled personnel as well as R&D for sustainable water management.

Network for Energy & Environmental Technology (NEU e.V.), Leipzig

Leipzig’s trade and cluster management association “Network for Energy & Environmental Technology (NEU e.V.)” was founded in 2011. NEU's somewhat 80 members consist of large corporations, SMEs, research and educational institutions, public administration, unions and dedicated individuals. The association’s members are organized in seven cluster teams, each with a different area of interest. These teams are: Bioenergy, e-mobility, energy efficiency, water treatment, solar, trading, and education. NEU e.V. enables its members to cooperatively develop ideas, realize projects and improve existing business models. Specific goals are to encourage the dialogue between potential partners, to market the Greater Leipzig region and business sector, to coordinate technology and knowledge transfer, to foster advanced training and educational opportunities in the field, to improve the sector’s general business and political framework, and to promote national and international cooperation.

"EIT RawMaterials" - Europe’s largest resource network

The Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf e. V. (HZDR) coordinates together with the Fraunhofer Society the establishment of Europe’s largest resource network on behalf of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT). Until 2022, a total of 410 million euros will be available for "EIT RawMaterials" with the objective of developing new procedures and products for the sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, and recycling of raw materials. The network will unite 116 universities, research centers, and companies from 22 countries. An important partner is also the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. The “EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg” has been established here since September 2015. 

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