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The increasing contribution of renewable energy to the total energy mix entails great challenges for a continuous and economically profitable energy supply. Saxony’s companies – some are global leaders in their field – also participate in the development and commercialization of state of the art energy storage technologies. A number of very competent companies are found primarily in the sectors batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, and thermal storage systems.

Montage von Lithium-Ionen- Grundmodulen bei HOPPECKE in Zwickau



Zwickau is the central value-added location of INTILION GmbH. Founded originally as HOPPECKE Advanced Battery Technology GmbH in 2008, it focuses on research, development and production. In 2011 the construction work for a modern research and development center was completed. Since then, innovative technologies and services for energy storage have been developed here. In the manufacturing area, INTILION concentrates on future-oriented lithium-ion batteries and the assembly of complex energy storage systems. These are used in the three product areas energy storage applications, traction applications and railway applications. The development and production of charging technologies as well as electronic monitoring and control systems are also based in Zwickau. INTILION GmbH in Zwickau currently employs around 90 specialists and managers from the fields of product development, laboratory, design, production, quality, purchasing, logistics and administration.


Mitarbeiter der Deutschen Accumotive in Kamenz

Source: Daimler AG


When it comes to high power batteries for alternative drives, the Daimler AG Group focuses on „Autoland Saxony.“ In its subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG, the company continues to expand its production capacities for lithium-ion batteries. Systems for the hybrid models and the fully electric vehicles of the automobile group are produced at the Kamenz production site.

Sunfire-Firmengelände Dresden mit Blick auf die PtL-Produktionsanlage (Quelle: sunfire GmbH, Dresden)

Source: sunfire GmbH


The Dresden-based sunfire GmbH, which was founded in 2010, develops and produces high temperature electrolysis cells (SOEC) and high temperature fuel cells (SOFC). High temperature fuel cells made by sunfire permit the particularly efficient production of electricity and heat according to the combined heat and power principle. Decentralized, combined heat and power in the low power range is considered to be the energy concept of the future because electricity and heat are generated according to the actual demand and right there where they are needed. High temperature electrolysis splits water vapor into hydrogen and oxygen. It is operated with renewable electricity. The resultant hydrogen can either be efficiently converted into fuels with sunfire’s power-to-liquids process or directly used in the H2 mobility as well as industrial sectors. 


Headquartered in Lichtenstein near Zwickau, the AXXELLON GmbH develops and produces high performance lithium batteries for industrial and automotive applications. The product portfolio of the company, which was founded in 2009, ranges from individual electronic components all the way to complete high performance batteries. Specific competences are available in the battery management systems and the associated power electronics sectors. In addition to an innovative vehicle battery, AXXELLON has also designed and developed a stationary energy storage system for energy coming from photovoltaic plants. With a capacity of 20 kilowatt hours, the storage system is suitable both for isolated and mains parallel operations. It is possible to not only integrate the PV plant, but also wind turbines, combined heat and power plants, emergency power generators, and fuel cells into the system. 

Innenansicht vom StoraXe® Lithium- Ionen-Batteriespeicher im Containerformat von ads-tec GmbH, Wilsdruff

Source: ads-tec GmbH

ADS-TEC GMBH, production site WILSDRUFF

At its production site in Wilsdruff near Dresden, the ads-tec GmbH manufactures stationary high performance battery systems and complete storage solutions in container formats which are all complete in-house developments. In addition, the medium-sized, family-owned enterprise which is headquartered in Nürtingen near Stuttgart develops and produces IT systems for industrial purposes. The lithium-ion battery storage units StoraXe® come together with an energy management system (EMS). This way, charging and discharging processes of storage units and energy flows within the network can be controlled and monitored intelligently. And ads-tec’s battery storage solutions are scalable up to the megawatt hour range which makes them versatile for various applications, for example, when it comes to the intermediate storage of renewable energy or network services.

Kurzzeit-Großkältespeicher an der Chemnitzer Georgstraße,  eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG, Chemnitz

Source: eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG


The eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG is the leading municipal energy service provider in Chemnitz and South Saxony. The company not only supplies about 400,000 private households and commercial customers with natural gas, electricity, heating and cooling energy as well as water; it actually operates one of the most modern district cooling grids on the entire globe. This permits the cooling of office buildings, shopping centers, the university, and other public facilities in the city center. Cooling energy is provided by heatpowered absorption chillers in conjunction with a thermal energy storage system. 

Wärmespeicher von Haase GFK-Technik GmbH Großröhrsdorf  zur Abwärmenutzung

Source: Haase GFK-Technik GmbH


Located in Großröhrsdorf, the Haase GFK-Technik GmbH produces storage tanks and hot water tanks built with glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP). The material is resistant to ageing and corrosion and exhibits low thermal conductivity. Thermal energy coming from such energy sources as solar plants, solid fuel boilers, or heat pumps is stored inside the tank and, if so required, used to heat up drinking water or to support the heating system. Water serves as a storage medium. Depending on the individual container size, it is, thus, possible to bridge a longer period of time during which no additional energy needs to be fed into the system. The storage tanks, which have a volume of up to 100,000 liters, can be installed both above ground and below ground. Thanks to a specific assembly technique, the tanks can also be mounted in spaces that are difficult to access. 


Located in Leipzig, the DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH (DBI GUT) addresses the integration of renewable energy carriers into the natural gas grid as well as underground gas storage facilities. Its current focus is on analyzing gas supply systems; developing concepts for energy storage technologies, particularly power-to-gas; and evaluating the feeding of hydrogen into gas grids. In the fuel cell technology sector, DBI GUT develops fuel processors for fuel cells. Basic fuels include natural gas, liquid gas, biogas as well as their mixtures.

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