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Some of the most modern semiconductor fabs worldwide are operated in Saxony. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon Technologies and the Siltronic AG expanded and continue to expand their fabs in saxony into the world’s most modern semiconductor production sites.


“Silicon Saxony” is Europe’s largest microelectronics / ICT cluster and plays a leading role in shaping the IT future. The researchers in the globally unique “Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfAED),” who interdisciplinary pursue several tactical approaches in developing materials, systems, and components for innovative IT “beyond CMOS,” see themselves literally as “pathfinders.”


Map "Microelectronics / ICT in Saxony" - Company Logos of Selected Firms

Source: Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS), Silicon Saxony e. V.

At a Glance - Microelectronics / ICT in Saxony

In Saxony, about 2,400 companies with a total of 64,000 employees are active along all steps of the ICT value creation chain: They develop, manufacture, and promote integrated circuits, or serve as materials and equipment suppliers to the chip industry, produce and distribute electronic products and systems based on integrated circuits, or develop and promote software. 


A unique concentration of companies and research institutions providing extensive knowledge and expertise in the sectors microelectronics and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, organic & flexible electronics, energy- efficient systems, next generation communication, and smart systems is found in the region between Dresden, Freiberg and Chemnitz. 


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Companies looking for young, practically trained and educated specialists have come to the right place here in Saxony. Every year, about 6,800 students are educated in computer science programs at 5 universities, 8 universities of applied sciences, and 4 universities of cooperative education in Saxony. 



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Saxony’s particular strong point is its very unique and compact research infrastructure. In the region, 4 Universities, 5 Universities of Applied Sciences, 9 Fraunhofer-, 3 Leibniz-, 1 Hemholtz- and 2 Max-Planck-Facilities are active in microelectronics / ICT research.


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With Silicon Saxony e. V., one of the world’s largest microelectronics / ICT clusters is active in Saxony. Other networks in Saxony cooperate in specific technological sectors.



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Dr. Christoph von Plotho

President & Chief Executive Officer, Siltronic AG

"In 1995, we picked Freiberg as our new location; and the past 20 years have clearly demonstrated why this decision was the right one. Today, Freiberg is one of our most important production sites for 300-mm wafers. This is no coincidence because Saxony’s microelectronics tradition dates back many decades. And that’s precisely why we find those well-educated employees in this region whose competence and willingness to work hard have become the foundation for our economic success.

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"ADMONT" - European Research on More-than-Moore Technologies

As part of the »Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for Morethan- Moore Technologies (ADMONT)« project coordinated by X-FAB Dresden, since the beginning of 2015 a total of 19 European partners have been collaborating on the development of a pilot line for the manufacture of semiconductor chips in Dresden with advanced functionalities (»More-than-Moore«).

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