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With Silicon Saxony e. V., one of the world’s largest microelectronics / ICT clusters is active in Saxony. Other networks in Saxony cooperate in specific technological sectors.


With more than 350 members, Silicon Saxony e. V.  is one of the largest microelectronics and IT clusters in Germany and Europe. As a self-financed association, Silicon Saxony has united manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, universities, research institutes, public institutions as well as branch-relevant startups under its roof both within the business venue Saxony and beyond its borders since its founding in 2000. The network pursues such primary objectives as, for example, expanding and strengthening Europe’s leading microelectronics location as well as promoting Saxony’s expansion into a software state.

The cluster’s thematic focus is on current and future technological trends – for example, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, the internet of things, sensor technology, energy efficiency, neuromorphic and / or edge computing.

As a platform for information, communication, and cooperation which raises public attention as well as through the participation in and organization of branch events, the association fosters the networking activities of its members at a regional, national, and an international level. Strategic lobbying is guaranteed, for example, by actively participating in funding programs – ranging from the local level all the way to the European level. Experts from the network also ensure in work groups and other formats the transfer of knowledge and the maintenance of close business relationships among its members, and they also advance innovations.

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Organic Electronics Saxony (OES) innovation network

The Organic Electronics Saxony (OES) innovation network represents the interests of Europe’s leading cluster for organic, flexible and printed electronics, and thereby unites the key research and industry stakeholders in Saxony. Its declared strategic goal is to act as a driving force to further develop technology for the purpose of consolidating and gradually extending the know-how leadership of Saxony in a dynamically managed worldwide competition.

“EEInnovation” is a European initiative, in which OES, together with 31 partners, is keen on developing and commercializing the technological potentials of organic electronics as well as nanoelectronics / microelectronics.

“OES-international” is the name of the project, in which from 2016 on the OES stakeholders – in close collaboration with Japanese and British technology leaders – will develop organic and printed components to product maturity in Germany. The aim is to achieve the highest level of quality to be able to find applications in the automobile manufacturing, medical engineering and other industries. 

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Smart Systems Campus Chemnitz

Source: CWE – Chemnitzer Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH


The „Smart Systems Campus Chemnitz“ is a highly focused, dynamic network of microsystems technology competencies that revolves around the integration of science, research and industry. The extensive technology park, with an area of nearly 4.5 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the Chemnitz University of Technology, the Fraunhofer Institutes for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS) and for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU) as well as to the microsystems technology companies located on the neighbouring business park.

The Campus provides close connections between high-quality R&D facilities and founding spirits and entrepreneurs. The site is not just home to young, rapidly growing startups, but also companies with global business operations, which are market leaders in their sector. 

TechnologieZentrumDresden (TZD)

The TechnologieZentrumDresden (TZD) was founded in 1990 an is a joint-venture of the Dresden University of Technology, the City of Dresden, the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden and of the Technology Center Dortmund. As one of the largest German technology centers, the TZD offers entrepreneurial companies as well as small and medium-sized companies tailor-made infrastructure and services. Key sectors of the TZD North location are micro- and nanotechnology, microsystem technology and Environmental Technology. Short distances to the semiconductor fabs of Infinon and GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the branch network Silicon Saxony e. V. and the (mainly Fraunhofer) research institutions in the north of Dresden ensure quick contacts. The TZD South location with its location near the main campus of the Dresden University of Technology is predestined as a location for innovation-based high-tech companies in the sectors measurement and sensor technology, production technology, materials and environmental technology. The main focal points of the "Universelle Werke" site include lightweight construction, materials sciences and robotics. 

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