Lightweight Engineering in a Material Mix

Saxony's players have outstanding expertise in the field of "lightweight construction in an efficient material mix". They offer the necessary expertise for the entire value chain in lightweight construction, from material development to the production of components and quality testing.

The carbon fiber-reinforced preform from Hightex is the basic structure of the CFRP window frame in the A350 (Source: Hightex Verstärkungsstrukturen GmbH)

More Than 46,000 Potential Business Partners

Since 2004, the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS - Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH) has been operating an online company database. This database currently contains more than 46,000 entries which are maintained and updated by the companies. It is possible, for example, to search the data records for regions, branches, or turnovers.


Find the right partners for your business success.

Die Firmendatenbank Sachsen zeigt Suchergebnisse au einer Google Maps-Karte an. (Screenshot)


Companies, institutes and networks from Central Germany present themselves in concise short profiles in the Lightweight Engineering Competence Atlas. The spectrum ranges from lightweight construction solutions for the mobility sectors to building materials made of carbon concrete and "slimmed-down" machine components.

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