AUTO! - Driver Assistance, Safety and Convenience Systems

Sensors and systems for autonomous driving, innovative in car infotainment systems, and apps for the mobile connection with one’s own vehicle – these are just a few of the core competences provided by Saxony’s entrepreneurs. The product range also includes components for airbag systems as well as air-conditioning compressors – which are highly appreciated by automobile manufacturers all around Europe.

Hochautomatisiert fahrendener Prototyp auf Basis eines Golf VII auf der A4 zwischen Chemnitz und Dresden, IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr, Chemnitz / Stollberg

Source: IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr


Already in 1990, the IAV (IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr) was active at the business location Chemnitz / Stollberg. Today, Chemnitz has one of three IAV development centers in Germany and employs more than 700 highly specialized experts. The center focuses on the development of electric and hybrid drive systems as well as state-of-the-art battery systems. Already for 20 years now, the IAV staff members in Chemnitz have also been addressing the topic „automated driving.“ IAV has pooled these competences in a test vehicle: The driver assistance functions use the test vehicle’s production sensors. A near-production laser scanner also acts as a distance sensor. The evaluation of these sensors in conjunction with advanced control algorithms will permit chauffeured driving in the future. Repeatedly, the highly automated prototype based on a VW Golf VII has already traveled the approximately 70 kilometer distance from Chemnitz to Dresden.

In der Fertigung bei digades in Zittau

Source: digades GmbH


The digades GmbH Zittau has established itself as the global market leader in the development of remote controls for auxiliary heating systems. Its latest innovation in this sector is an auxiliary heating app which, if activated early enough, spares its users the burden of scraping ice from frozen car windows. digades’ references also include multifunctional remote controls for multimedia systems in Audis and Bentleys, fuel pump electronics for BMW motorbikes, or control elements for Webasto auxiliary heating systems.

Multipower-Display, Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH, Frankenberg

Source: Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH


Located in Frankenberg, the Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH also integrates tablets and smartphones into vehicles. The company has developed an app which helps improve the information management in vehicles. Towards this end, relevant vehicle data can be displayed on a mobile device via a Bluetooth interface while also permitting a number of control functions. A specific focus of the Unicontrol software developers is on fully graphical, freely programmable display solutions that outperform conventional instrument clusters in passenger cars when it comes to integrated intelligence and the individual display of more and more functionalities.

In 2014, Unicontrol increased its own development capacities by 30 percent. With such new products as the multipower display and the „automotive app,“ Unicontrol attracts new customer segments.


The Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH is one of the largest production sites for innovative automotive semiconductor solutions. Infineon produces in Dresden more than 200 different logic circuits. With about 50 percent, solutions for the automotive industry account for the largest share of the production portfolio. For example, Infineon chips from Dresden can be found inside the BMW i3 from Leipzig. 

Dresden is also the place where the company is currently establishing the world’s first high-volume factory for power semiconductors on 300 mm wafers. Power semiconductors are designed to control and switch high electric currents and voltages which is why they are elementary components in hybrid and electric vehicles. Infineon chips control battery systems in electric cars, recoup their braking energy and, thus, help extend the range of e-vehicles.


A leading manufacturer of air conditioning technology for passenger cars is the TD Deutsche Klimakompressor GmbH in Straßgräbchen. For the Japanese joint venture partners Toyota Industries Corporation and Denso Corporation, the production site in Saxony is the location from where European automobile factories are supplied with air conditioning compressors.


The Japanese TAKATA Group operates three production sites in Saxony. Complete airbag modules are assembled in TAKATA Sachsen GmbH’s Elterlein plant. Gas inflators for airbags are manufactured at the company’s second factory in Freiberg and at its third site in Döbeln. 

Platine, JOYNEXT GmbH, Dresden

Source: JOYNEXT GmbH


JOYNEXT, headquartered in China,  develops and produces innovative systems and software solutions for car infotainment and navigation as well as V2X systems and cloud services as a direct supplier for automotive manufacturers (Tier 1). The Dresden site is the central location for research and development within the JOYNEXT Group. In close cooperation with internationally leading research institutes, technologies and innovative overall solutions for the automotive industry are created today in Saxony's state capital.

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