AUTO! - Infrastructure and Mobility Concepts

Saxony has exceptional competences not only when it comes to the development and the equipping of vehicles with alternative drive and propulsion systems. Saxony’s companies also focus on solutions for the requisite infrastructure (for example, charging infrastructure) and mobility concepts (for example, public access to e mobility, e mobile public transportation).

„easyCharge“-Station von EA Systems, Dresden

Source: EA Systems Dresden GmbH


The EA Systems Dresden GmbH modulates innovative energy supply systems and optimizes existing systems. In so doing, particular attention is given to the integration of new electromobility concepts and the use of regenerative energy. The company has developed the „easyCharge“ charging station which permits intelligent and easy charging. The system consists of charging units, local administration, web administration, and a smartphone app. Open interfaces ensure a smooth integration into existing energy management and payment systems.

Steckdosen-System für Elektro-Ladestationen, MENNEKES Sachsen, Sehmatal-Neudorf



The MENNEKES Elektrotechnik Sachsen GmbH, which is located in Sehmatal-Neudorf in the Erzgebirge Mountains, has gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the e-charging technology sector. The subsidiary of the MENNEKES Group from North Rhine-Westphalia produces, for example, charging stations for garages and carports, the so-called „Home Chargers.“ 

In addition to plastic injection moldings, MENNEKES Sachsen also produces stainless steel housings both for socket combinations and for charging stations. The company also has sufficient capacities for the assembly of structural components. More than 110 people are employed at the production site Neudorf in the Erzgebirge Mountains.

BMW i8 "unter" einem Solar Carport-Komplettsystem von SOLARWATT Dresden

Source: BMW Group


Driving and refueling while also protecting the environment – this combination is mastered very successfully by the automobile manufacturer BMW and the Dresden-based solar module producer SOLARWATT GmbH. SOLARWATT is BMW’s cooperation partner in the e-mobility sector. Within the scope of the „360° ELECTRIC“ program, BMW i customers have the opportunity of acquiring the „Solar Carport“ or complete solar rooftop packages for their homes. SOLARWATT’s „Solar Carport“ not only permits the environmentally friendly refueling of electric cars; it is actually also able to essentially cover most of the electricity consumed by the respective household.


The VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH is a subsidiary of the Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (DVB) and Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) corporations. VCDB provides consulting, planning, and services in all matters pertaining to transportation. The business unit  „Electric Mobility“ supports development projects revolving around sustainable fuel and propulsion concepts for buses in public transportation, for example, with transport-related scientific studies on the introduction of diesel hybrid and e-buses. Towards this end, a specific focus is also on intelligent charging systems as well as interfaces to other transportation systems.

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